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They have come for your wallets! 

First 4 Figures have unveiled a new ‘Sword Kirby' statue. Photos and details can be found here on the LMC website:


Never forget how Kojima not only designed most of the levels in MGS1 himself but he did it by building them with fucking lego blocks first. A hero


In three bags of mystery there awaits something… blocky.

AAUK is back with more video game tie-ins. This time in the shape of Minecraft blind bags.

LMC Let’s Play Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Case 1-4 (Part 1)

A new case begins, and one that may have dire consequences for Miles Edgeworth. Surely he can’t be a murderer? Will Phoenix step forward to defend his rival?


- Princess Peach during a single jump, Super Smash Bros. Melee (HAL Laboratory/ Nintendo)

(via bloodyberserkerapologist)

LMC Unboxing - Loot Crate ‘Adventure’ Box 

Moving back to your country of origin means being reunited with your post, and for AAUK that means a Loot Crate box he ordered a couple of months back. Trouble is he’s got no idea what’s in it. Best find out!


Sonic Styleguide (90’s) - Accompanying CD Images Pt 1

Well since Kotaku were talking about it this morning, I thought it was an appropriate time to put up some of the collective art that was found on the Sonic Styleguide’s accompanying CD.

Yes, there was a CD that came with it. Choc to the gills with all sorts of retro art. Sonic fans will have likely seen a fair bit of this down the years but this is only part one of SEVERAL parts.

Let’s Play Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Case 1-3 (Pt 6)

Turnabout Samurai comes to a close but will Phoenix be able to get Will Powers off the hook once and for all? What of Ms.Vasquez’s role? And what of the future of the studio?


i really want to see this movie